Random acts of kindness

Skærmbillede 2014-11-13 kl. 20.22.07Hi everyone

So this is my second blog, and it is actually inspired by a talk a had yesterday with my good friend Al. As newborn entrepreneurs we have found it very motivating and fulfilling to create an everyday scenario where we make the most of our time.
One of the things we have found that really increases our productivity is to start write down our daily goals and keep track of how many hours we are productive every day.
For a simple and very effective guide to do exactly this you can check out http://www.nevblog.com/to-do-list-how-to/
His name is Neville.
His video has resulted in me running around with a notebook in my back pocket and it is helping me every day.

But today I started a 30 day challenge inspired by Al. “Write a personal message to someone you have not communicated with for a while”.

I wrote to a very good girlfriend of mine, who is currently on a adventurous trip in South America.
A lot of things came to my mind as I started thinking about what to write to her. Basically I just went straight at it and started with “Heeey søde”, which is danish for “Hiii darling” or something like that. Do it however you find suitable for your conversation with your friend.
And went on writing about how I remember our fun moments we had last time we saw each other and how I look forward to see her again. She actually came online, very fortunately as I really wanted to hear how she was doing, and we kept the conversation going for almost an hour.
She is heading for Argentina next and she is going to have a blast over there.

I was in such a good mood after this that I immediately wrote to another good girlfriend of mine. Birthe is in Australia and she has spend a semester of of studies Down Under. I also totally randomly came in conversation with her and she told me a little about her stay in AUS. She seeks an apartment in Copenhagen as she returns to Denmark soon to continue her education at home. I accidentally know somebody living a Copenhagen who has a room available. Time will tell if Birthe is going to live with my other friend in CPH, but for now it is fulfilling to make an effort to help her.
We have by the way arranged to drink a cup of coffee when she returns. Great conversation!

As I wrote with both of my girlfriends I got inspired to travel more, meet more people, as they are doing at the moment, and I felt joyful when our conversation was over.

What to take away from this:

Keep in touch with your friend and the people that gives more to you than they take. Let yourself be inspired by other peoples journeys and use it to motivate your own journey.

I have already gained a lot by only one conversation. I think I am going to go to Stockholm in the spring, as a direct result by this inspiration. I must travel more! Stephanie my girlfriend finds tremendous joy by doing so. I probably will to. Stockholm I’ll see you next spring.

“What goes around comes around”


1) write down your daily goals – get the most out of your time

2) Try do 30 days Challenges

3) Connect with the people that gives your more than they take

4) Travel more

That was all for today.

(Sorry for comma and grammar mistakes! Hopefully that will improve as I progress through my English studies)

See you soon.



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