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Random acts of kindness

Skærmbillede 2014-11-13 kl. 20.22.07Hi everyone

So this is my second blog, and it is actually inspired by a talk a had yesterday with my good friend Al. As newborn entrepreneurs we have found it very motivating and fulfilling to create an everyday scenario where we make the most of our time.
One of the things we have found that really increases our productivity is to start write down our daily goals and keep track of how many hours we are productive every day.
For a simple and very effective guide to do exactly this you can check out http://www.nevblog.com/to-do-list-how-to/
His name is Neville.
His video has resulted in me running around with a notebook in my back pocket and it is helping me every day.

But today I started a 30 day challenge inspired by Al. “Write a personal message to someone you have not communicated with for a while”.

I wrote to a very good girlfriend of mine, who is currently on a adventurous trip in South America.
A lot of things came to my mind as I started thinking about what to write to her. Basically I just went straight at it and started with “Heeey s√łde”, which is danish for “Hiii darling” or something like that. Do it however you find suitable for your conversation with your friend.
And went on writing about how I remember our fun moments we had last time we saw each other and how I look forward to see her again. She actually came online, very fortunately as I really wanted to hear how she was doing, and we kept the conversation going for almost an hour.
She is heading for Argentina next and she is going to have a blast over there.

I was in such a good mood after this that I immediately wrote to another good girlfriend of mine. Birthe is in Australia and she has spend a semester of of studies Down Under. I also totally randomly came in conversation with her and she told me a little about her stay in AUS. She seeks an apartment in Copenhagen as she returns to Denmark soon to continue her education at home. I accidentally know somebody living a Copenhagen who has a room available. Time will tell if Birthe is going to live with my other friend in CPH, but for now it is fulfilling to make an effort to help her.
We have by the way arranged to drink a cup of coffee when she returns. Great conversation!

As I wrote with both of my girlfriends I got inspired to travel more, meet more people, as they are doing at the moment, and I felt joyful when our conversation was over.

What to take away from this:

Keep in touch with your friend and the people that gives more to you than they take. Let yourself be inspired by other peoples journeys and use it to motivate your own journey.

I have already gained a lot by only one conversation. I think I am going to go to Stockholm in the spring, as a direct result by this inspiration. I must travel more! Stephanie my girlfriend finds tremendous joy by doing so. I probably will to. Stockholm I’ll see you next spring.

“What goes around comes around”


1) write down your daily goals – get the most out of your time

2) Try do 30 days Challenges

3) Connect with the people that gives your more than they take

4) Travel more

That was all for today.

(Sorry for comma and grammar mistakes! Hopefully that will improve as I progress through my English studies)

See you soon.


24 hours that changed my life!


Hi guys

My name is Soren, I am 26 years old and I have decided to change my life upside down !

This year I enrolled on the very popular education called International Business Communication and English studies, on Aalborg University in Denmark, where I live. I am Danish by the way. It is a very popular education of two reasons:

1. It is easy to apply, because of a low grade point average required to get in

2. The education seem to cover so much that the applier cant seem to find a single reason why not to enroll.

Sounds relatively negative, but actually the studies and the courses were great, and we were being challenged by the teachers in lots of ways. Basically the education had a lot of potential which would probably do me fine. But everything was soon going to change for me.

I had heard a lot about life changing experiences from people before, but I had never tried to wake up on morning feeling totally new, with new goals in life. That seemed rather unlikely to me. Well it changed!

The first day of school I ran into to this other guy who had also just started at the university. He was walking just behind me as we were being shown the campus. We really hit it off; interested in each others stories and experiences, we talked all the way through the presentation. He had spend a year in Barcelona and had been playing poker and living on Malta in the Mediterranean for a year, and he had this radiant self-confidence and a charismatic personality. I wanted to be that guy! It was fair to say that I was very intrigued and when extremely satisfied when we were told that we was to be in the same class for the next 3 years.

After the first day of school there is a great party for all the new students. I invited some of my new friend, including the poker-guy, up to my new apartment. Not really furnished yet we sat around in the main room and we had some beers and got to know each other. Guy can have fun over the most little of things! I think we had a nonstop laughing session about some weird youtube video. But I soon realized that we were all quite serious about this whole university situation. While we were talking the poker-guy suddenly asks if anybody is doing or running any form of business on the side. Like that was the most easy thing to do in the world.

He began to talk about how he himself had started a company a couple of years ago. He had made commercial videos for companies, and he had also just started a new company that was going the sell healthy coffee. “Wow!”, I thought. How could he just do that. He is 3 years younger than me by the way. He continued to talk about his fascinating projects, and everybody seemed to be listening. Awesome dude. I wanted to be that guy.

At the party that night, I went over to the poker-guy and we talked again for hours, only interrupted by pretty female students who wanted to say hi or guys who wanted to toast. He kept telling me about this whole community where people share their ideas and their experiences, but kept thinking that how on earth should I be able to contribute to this? Apparently a whole other world of opportunities were existing without me knowing about it.
But then suddenly he changed the subject.

“You just need the right mindset buddy!” – after which he explained that with the right mindset and courage you can do whatever you want.

I was once again very intrigued, not to say extremely captivated by these words. He laughed out loud and said we needed another round. So we went straight to bar and I think we stayed there the rest of the night.

The next day I woke up with a slight headache but a clear vision for the day. I needed more information on this whole other world. So I grabbed my phone. The poker-guy immediately send me videos, articles and other stuff and I started researching. I had not even started my first lesson in school and I was already fully engaged. It was a exiting feeling, just like when you had just learned how to steer a bike.

After a couple of hours I stumbled upon a video by a guy called Tai Lopez. Multi millionare, educater and entrepreneur. He was just unbelievable. But he was real and I felt everything he said and it was so inspirational. I was totally hooked.

I watched all the videos I could find on Tai the next 10 hours and suddenly collapsed on my couch with a big smile on my face. The next day I woke up, and I tell you, whoever you are out there, reading this, the feeling that filled by body as I woke up was so amazing. Imagine that you have just discovered that you have 1 million dollars on your bank account. Your possibilities suddenly seems endless. Thats how I felt and I knew I needed to change the way I was thinking and doing things.

It was sort of an epiphany moment for me. The theme of the day was undoubtedly “waking up to new possibilities”. I felt like I had no worries about my future because as my newly discovered peers had already told me “With the right mindset and the right ways of handling yourself and your business, you almost cannot fail”. It was so encouraging that I went for a long walk down to the river and just smiled at everyone I met. I looked around and already I began to see possible business opportunities. Fantastic!

Life changed right there for me. This community that I have now researched and engaged in for 3 months seem to take very good care of its members. There is no wrong or bad questions, so no need to be afraid. The experience of having a self-made millionaire give you pointers on a specific business and a CEO tell you about have he runs his company is very reassuring and motivating. I am so much more happy, self-confident and motivated to live the rest of my life – I am now in the driver’s seat of my life!

So now I am here, writing about my journey as a man with a new vision, an entrepreneur in the making.
This blog is more likely to be my own benefit. But if you are new in the entrepreneur world or do not know about it yet, I will love to share my view with you, and by writing on this blog I hope to give you readers the sensation of my perspective on my entrepreneurial path.

By the way, the guy I am talking about is Aladin. Yeah, you read it right. He will most likely come join in on the talks about my journey, as we are now side by side on our path. He is an awesome dude and today we are meeting at 18:00 at the library to study and talk, so I gotta go.

“To get what you want you have got to deserve it” -> “Work for your dream”

See you soon.